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The Ultimate Pullup Bar

pullupbar5The Ultimate Pullup Bar: Tactical Athlete Pullup System

Here are a few details:

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Sold exclusively by T.A.T.S., Inc.
  • Proprietary design changes yield a stronger, more rugged unit.
  • Easier 1-person assembly, disassembly, and bar height adjustments.
  • Smoother bar height adjustments.
  • Locking pull-knobs facilitate quick and safe height adjustments.
  • Conveniently compacts for transportation.
  • Quicker assembly & disassembly.
  • Large, stable base provides a stable foundation.
  • Durable and rugged for team, military, and gym training.

$439.95 + shipping.    

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Above is a clip of the DVD you get with the bar.

NEED MORE CONVINCING? _____________________

More info…

  • Quick and easy height adjustments for every member of your team
  • Versatility to train indoors or outdoors on virtually any level surface
  • Stable, solid base for added confidence while performing weighted pull-ups and kipping pull-ups
  • Thick bar maximizes grip strength and decrease unnecessary elbow stress
  • Specifically designed for the unique “Multi-Level Circuits” demonstrated on the T.A.P.S. DVD (the T.A.P.S. DVD comes free plus shipping with the purchase of the TAPS unit)
  • This free-standing model is the only pull-up system of its kind
  • The strongest, most versatile pull-up system on the market

Notice the strength and design put into the base joint.

Tactical Athlete Pullup System joint: Outside View


Here is another view

Tactical Athlete Pullup System joint: Inside View

$439.95 + Shipping

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Of course we think it’s the best…but what do other people think?


“In Russia I used to take good pullup bars for granted: tall enough to hang without bending my knees; sturdy and stable to trust with weighted pullups; unencumbered with dipping bars and other hardware that make muscle-outs, hip pullovers, kips, and many other powerful exercises impossible to perform. To my great surprise, about the only place I could find this kind of a pullup bar in the US was a Marine base. Not any more. Enter Jeff Martone’s T.A.P.S. rig. It is a must for anyone seeking off the charts pullup strength.” -Pavel Tsatsouline


T.A.P.S. (Tactical Athlete Pullup System)
This is a fantastic product!! I found that it was easy to put together and made of very high quality metal. Unlike the crap you buy in various sport stores in the mall this is something that won’t end up in your garbage pile in two weeks. I like the bar itself. Too often you get pullup bars with unneccessary bends in it, or its too small or it has foam wrap around it (what the hell is that about!!) Anyway this has none of those things. Just a nice, slightly thick grip, great surface and strong contruction. The unit handles well when someone has weight strapped around their waist. Great for military and law enforcement. Again a great product. -Kurt V.


” Thank you for all the extra effort to ship the TAPS unit to the U.K.   It is without a doubt THE best pull-up bar on the market – bar none.   I will recommend this to anyone who wants a piece of equipment that will last for years to come.   Your DVD is great also!   I’ve started doing some of the exercises and find them enjoyable and challenging.   I will be buying more products from you and wish you all the best in the future!” - Andrew Platt, U.K.


“I accidentally noticed my wife ordered a TAPS unit for me!   It will be my graduation gift, I am sure.   Thus, I guess I convinced her of its utility and necessity for getting back into shape!   Your help and wisdom helped me educate myself and her.   Thank you.” - G. Ortiz, CA


“The TAPS bar is phenomenal!” – Rob Deacon, MN


“The T.A.P.S. bar itself, and the TAPS DVD, are really rocketing my strength through the roof.   Additionally, I’ve added spinal decompressions hangs to stretching sessions.   Between the pull-ups and stretching, my back has never felt stronger or healthier.   Can’t wait to see TAPS II   when it’s released.”- Brian Losabia, TX


$439.95 + shipping.    

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Ultimate Pullup Bar in Use

$479.95 + shipping.

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